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There are some crazy Moose on the Loose.

Mashuga Moose® is Illustrated by artist, Allan Rosen-Ducat

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Meet the Neighbors.

Not "Jim Neighbors."

I have this need to explain how I work.  I sketch a lot.  I usually start with a rough sketch, which eventually becomes a finished illustration.  85% of my work is completed on my iPad Pro with my Apple Pencil.  A number of years ago a sweet simple drawing App was released, its name was, “Paper.”  “Paper” was created by a company by the name of “Fifty Three”.  “Paper”, has been the perfect tool for my drawing.  I am in the process of  branding and productizing and finishing ta selection of my illustrations.

Talking to a Moose.

John tries on,

Mashuga Moose’s friend John presented his new hunting season outerwear today. John moved gracefully through the willows in his new hunter orange, “Moose Hunting Safety Disguise, MHSD,” for brevity. The swamp erupted in applause and great flatulence.  John’s, moose safety suit was a hit.  Mashuga Moose and his buddies figured the could get forty percent of the local moose to wear the suits.  The herd had thought long and hard, searching for a winning strategy.  Having survived many hunting seasons, Mashuga Moose and John Moose realized that humans avoided each other when wearing those horrible neon orange colored suits and carrying guns.  Just last week while the herd was machinating some water lilies, one of the Norton twins experienced a meaningful Ephiny. Margret Norton Moose proffered that the pattern of the humans wearing orange staying away from other humans with guns seem the most intense during the month of November.   It was at that moment that John Moose realized that the guns the humans carried must be scaring them away from one another.  Mashuga Moose® spoke loudly and with great confidence, certainly for a moose.  The herd would be ready for this hunting season. After all, only a mashuga hunter would shoot at a moving blob of hunter orange.  The herd celebrated with the finest willow branches on the pond.